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International Verona


“Have you seen Viktor?”, “Try Carlo?” And again, “Goffin asked for a car.” Gloating with success and rocking with fatigue are Galovic and Carlo, who shake hands as frequently as a Head of State at a G8 More or less this is the daily routine at the Scaliger for the Verona Tennis Internationals. A constant effort by staff and volunteers, quantified at about 50. All to run at its best under the careful supervision of the Atp. About 80 players who, with coaches, trainers and family members, touched and perhaps exceeded 100.

Numbers and more numbers that make it clear what the effort was to continue the path taken three years ago. Here are some fun facts: 250 racquets strung in total, more than the recent Atp Challenger in Trieste. There were 5500 bottles of water all in recyclable Tetrapack that came out of the Desk’s capacious refrigerator, and 1000 bottles with salts inside to balance the loss of fluids during the match. Ten kilograms of fruit consumed each day. Tennis players with a predilection for peaches and bananas. The restaurant? Better to let it go. Considering that this is a new entry and that the grill and kitchen work very well, the pizzas baked exceed ninety per day. In short, the Verona Tennis Internationals are going a long way. We forgot the drivers, those miles between the Crown Palace and the Scaliger have come a long way. Twenty thousand two hundred per hour. And to think that the Zai is not that far from Colombo Avenue. You do the math a little bit at 5.3 km each way….

An Accessible Tennis Players show true grit, desire and no ego in their attempt to climb their way to tennis heaven. Without entourage or media circus, they open themselves to the world, on and off the field. The settings offer fans and players an unparalleled level of closeness.