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Tennis as you've never seen it before

Tennis as not
have you ever seen before

Italian victory in the doubles tournament Gaio and Pellegrino who prevailed over the pair formed by the Brazilian Da Silva and the Dominican Hardt Per 76 62. The Czech Vit Kopriva is the first finalist in the singles at the Verona tennis internationals. The athlete from Bilovec, born in 1997,...
David Goffin, if there were still any need, embodies the soul of the true champion. After training he worries about hitting the court….an educational video for all tennis schools. Reaching the highest levels means sacrifice, training, passion, talent but also humility and empathy Thank you David for the free lessons...
There are many emotions that the event organized to perfection by VK EVENTS has left inside every tennis fan this week: but one prevailed above all: the game! The technical gesture. Each has its own, composed of a chain of movements that lead the ball to travel at unthinkable speeds...

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