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International Verona


The 2022 Internazionali di Tennis Verona were a success on all fronts. Expectations were high but were still exceeded tenfold, with crowd numbers far above the estimates (in light of the pandemic and the “green pass” coming into effect).

We want to highlight the great success of the views and contacts on all online platforms, from the website to live streaming to social networks.

The tournament’s organisation went well beyond the minimum requirements set by the ATP for a Challenger 80, in order to ensure a show and event worthy of the great city of Verona.

We believe that words can only describe so much, so we have come up with a video summarising the event, so you can relive it or be tempted to come and see another event with top athletes next year.

VK Events comes out with an even better event every year, because, as we’ve said a million times, we have one big aim: letting you enjoy the spectacle of tennis at Verona’s Roman Arena!

Tournament director: Viktor Galovic (best ATP ranking = 172), winner of 2018 Coppa Davis as a player in the Croatian national team

Winner: Francesco Maestrelli