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Sporting events company in Verona


We specialise in organising tennis tournaments because for us it’s more than just a sport, it’s a real spectacle, one to be enjoyed by spectators of all ages. And just like a play, it requires staging, scenography and choreography. Our scenography includes sophisticated lighting effects and musical accompaniment that on the one hand reinforces and accompanies the tennis players’ performances and on the other excites the spectators.

The show kicks off before the match, continues during the match and concludes post-match with side events involving everyone – tennis players and non-tennis players alike – including concerts and entertainment performances.
You will be able to follow exciting matches, friendly matches and competitive competitions with the greatest personalities in the world of tennis, sporting events that allow sports lovers to experience unique emotions and experiences.

At VK Events in Verona we have a completely different, indeed revolutionary, idea of how to hold sporting events, because we believe that, if this work is done with common sense and creativity, it can become a powerful tool for communication, not just for sporting fans but also the commercial and institutional sponsors who support us.

Our events are about much more than sport and games, although of course these remain the fundamental element.