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VIT KOPRIVA champion 2023

VIT KOPRIVA champion 2023

Italian victory in the doubles tournament Gaio and Pellegrino who prevailed over the pair formed by the Brazilian Da Silva and the Dominican Hardt Per 76 62.

The Czech Vit Kopriva is the first finalist in the singles at the Verona tennis internationals. The athlete from Bilovec, born in 1997, after defeating È VK EVENTS, reserved an edition of the Internazionali Tennis di Verona full of great surprises for all tennis enthusiasts! Kopriva wins

After Goffin’s defeat, everything was called into question, including predictions.

Vitaly Sachko and Vit Kopriva both had the numbers to be able to enter their names in the roll of honor of the Verona Tennis Internationals.

The Ukrainian settled the first set against Vit Kopriva with a peremptory score of 61. In the second the tenacity of the Czech 76 prevailed as he recovered from a 35 and Sachko serve which seemed to condemn him to defeat. The last set was decisive, finishing 62 for the freshest and most lucid Czech in the final phase. 16 76 62 the result in favor of Kopriva

The cup and the 100 APT points went to Vit Kopriva, who excitedly thanked everyone for the welcome and the wonderful experience he had, with the promise of returning to Verona again next year

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